About Alba View Equestrian

Alba View Equestrian is a Horse Riding School located at Ward Belt, Northern Adelaide that specialises in teaching Beginner Horse Riding Lessons & Basics to all ages. They opened their business to the public in mid-2017 and weren’t looking to have a website at that early stage. However, through social connections, Focused Web Designs offered to create a stunning digital presence that would mature in age and popularity at the same rate as their Horse Riding School.

Small Business Website Portfolio - Alba View Equestrian

Website Goals

As a new small business in the area it was important to get the Business Name, Location and Purpose out on the web and indexed in the Search Engines at an early stage. For completely new sites and businesses it can be a mistake to wait until everything is perfect and ready to go before making the site live on Google. It’s more important to put something out there and gently work on it. Love and attention is what the search engines are monitoring, especially when a new site is established. It assures them that the site is legitimate and regularly updated, and therefore gives the site more weight in the rankings.

Small Business Website - Alba View Equestrian

Web Design Results

In the space of 5 months with regular updates and additions to Alba View Equestrian, the site has filled out beautifully. With the business now in full swing, information and photos are now constantly available to be added to the Blog, Gallery and Review parts of the site. The owner is getting regular enquiries because of their Digital Presence and their search engine rankings have risen significantly. This is certainly a site Focused Web Designs is proud of creating and even more for helping a new small business claim their Online Presence.

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Portfolio Website: Alba View Equestrian

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