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About Ann's Business

Ann Shannon Art School is a local Art School in Hewett, run by Ann Shannon who is a very talented artist with 30 years experience. The Art School offers classes two days per week to school children (both primary and high school) and adults who are looking for a little artistic therapy. Ann spends the remaining weekdays as a contracted Artist In Residence for schools, conducting both School Art Incursions and Wall Mural Projects.

She also finds time to create some truly stunning Commissioned Fine Art Portraiture of most commonly family pets (particulary equine portraits) and unique Book Covers. With no website or digital marketing in place, Focused Web Designs offered their services to fill this gap and bring in more leads for the Art School Classes.

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Website Goals

As a relatively small business operation currently running out of the lovely Hewett Community Centre, Ann's Art School was really only visible to the local Hewett Primary School. Therefore the aim was pretty simple. Spread the word a little wider to the surrounding suburbs because I assessed it was fairly unlikely that families would travel more than an hour for their kids or themselves to attend a class. So for the Art School side of her business, the goal was established, but then I had to think about her other services (Portraits, School Incursions & Wall Murals).

Some of Ann's Fine Art Portraiture is known not just in Australia but overseas as well, so that requires a different tactic. And because the Incursions and Wall Murals were generally tied to a school environment, targeting the schools and education sites was my goal for that side of her business. So enlight of what seemed like a small business website design, there is actually a lot of additional focused digital marketing going on behind the scenes.

Small Business Website & Business Card Design

Small Business Website & Business Card Creation

Web Design Results

The site was fully complete inside of a month once all photos, pictures and content had been acquired. Ann was over the moon with how it turned out design wise and I couldn't agree more, the colour palette seemed to suit her to a tee. The SEO side of the operation has just begun and I am tackling her Citation Listings like a hungry teenager with a bowl of cereal (with enthusiasm).

This is certainly a site Focused Web Designs is proud of creating and even more for helping a small local business (and talented artist) get their operation online.

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Ann Shannon Art School

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