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About Sams Solar

Sams Solar is a boutique Commercial Solar System installation company that currently services NSW and SA. Sam has installed solar systems ranging from 100KW to 1MW for both wholesale and agricultural industries. Sam prides himself on providing a tailored and customized service, matched with quality products he trusts.

Focused Web Design Adelaide Portfolio - Sams Solar

Website Goals

The main intention of creating a website for Sam was to give his business an online footprint that showcased his portfolio of previously built solar systems. He was never short of potential customer enquires from commerical businesses, however he found that not having anything to present to them from a digitial online perspective made the 'enquiry-to-client' process a lot longer.

After my first consultation with Sam, I recognised a huge gap in his business footprint. Because he had quickly climbed the steps of your regular residential Solar Contractor ladder onto to that of an all out Commerical Solar System Contractor, he hadn't had time to establish a proper business name, logo, website or business card....wowza! So you can understand the difficulty he had when it came time to sign up major companies.

So I started from the beginning as I imagine all businesses do. 1. Decide on a business name. 2. Create a business logo. 3. Design a business card. 4. And finally, get your business online for the world to see what you can do. I think a lot of businesses forget that having a website these days is truly leaving money on the table. It adds value, it brings in new customers and it above all adds trust to your business.

Focused Web Design Adelaide Portfolio - Sams Solar

Web Design Results

I'd like to start off my mentioning something quite interesting and powerful about the perception of one business to another. I stated above the steps I was taking to get Sams Solar online from steps 1-4. Steps 1-3 happened very quickly once we started working together because Sam really wanted a business card to have on hand at his next upcoming and very important meeting. This was with a new client which was a very notable and everyday brand name major Australian company (sorry I can't say). Sam knew his work was a professinal standard and stood by it 100%. But he also knew that when a major company 'Google'd' his business and nothing came up, they got nervous and had doubts. I couldn't give him an established website in time, there was just not enough time. But what I could do really quickly was steps 1-3, with a little bit of 4 as well.

Small Business Website Portfolio - Sams Solar - Business Card Front

Small Business Website Portfolio - Sams Solar - Business Card Back

I designed him a logo that (yes) looks very simple, but I did that strategically, as well as looking toward his other future ambitions (i.e. Sams Energy). His logo can be separated quite easily for the purposes of uniform printing, company car graphics and advertising, while still being a simple recognisable brand image. I still remember the message I got from him after he'd had this very important meeting. A very short "I just got awarded 32 jobs, must have been the business cards" was very humbling to hear and I couldn't have been happier for him.

Sams Solar is a company that will continue to work with Focused Web Designs to build his digital footprint and become a well known Australian Commercial Solar Constractor.

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Sams Solar

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