Why You Need A Mobile Friendly Business Website

From the moment the smartphone became financially available to your everyday consumer, the principles of B2C marketing has forever changed. Customers no longer visit their nearest café without first looking up what recent reviews it was given. Or book their car in at the local auto shop before checking out what the last client said about the service they received. The point here is the world is most definitely in a digital age. Gone are the days of television ads, leaflet drops and newspaper advertising because these are simply no longer effective. If you’re a business and still using these techniques, I can guarantee you that your money is better off spent having a Responsive and Mobile Friendly Business Website built. You’d be surprised at just how much more cost effective this actually is.

Why Its Important To Have A Responsive And Mobile Friendly Business Website

The Average Australian Mobile Consumer

I want to share with you some very interesting statistics from the Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey 2018:

  • 88% of all Australians own a smartphone (not including other devices such as tablets and desktops computers).
  • Australians within the age group of 18-44 check their smartphone on average 56 times per day.
  • Australia was recorded as having the biggest growth in smartphone ownership for the age group 55-75 (even the senior population is getting onboard).

So What Exactly Does This All Mean?

The entire world was already online in some form or another before the invent of the smartphone. It’s no secret that a lot of business owners found this digital disruption a hard pill to swallow and for many, still have not taken that leap yet. But statistics and data do not lie. The way consumers search for information and communicate with businesses is never going to be like it used to be. The consumer expects to be able to find out everything about your business that will satisfy their appetite via an online search. And now with the emergence of the smartphone, that now means that you need a Responsive and Mobile Friendly Business Website.

How Is A Mobile Friendly And Responsive Website Different?

This means that your business website is usable and accessible on all devices regardless of screen size. Certain features like big slider images and videos will automatically be downsized or removed to make the user experience (UX) more streamline. Navigation menus will be simplified and your main Call-To-Action (CTA) will become the focal point on particular devices such as the smartphone. This is because the consumer is always looking for something in particular and if there is anything that delays the loading speed, chances are they will abandon your site and move on.

Responsive And Mobile Friendly Business Website Across All Devices

To prove this point, here’s some more ‘data does not lie’ truths from Google themselves that was release in their “The Need For Mobile Speed” Report:

  • The average time a site took to load on a smartphone was 19 seconds (that is an eternity in the digital universe).
  • 53% of users that waited longer than 3 seconds for a page to load via mobile, simply abandoned their search.
  • Sites that were able to load in 5 seconds however had 70% of users remain on site and reduced their abandonment rate by 35%. This is key information right here.

How Do I Test If I Have A Mobile Friendly Business Website?

So I’ve mentioned that a Mobile Friendly and Responsive Website is ‘usable and accessible on all devices regardless of screen size’. But just how do you test that? Very easily. If you have the device in question (smartphone and/or tablet), just search your business name or type the website address in the URL bar. And if you can’t find your business using Google Search, then that is another topic altogether that I encourage you to investigate called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Once you have your site opened, access the look, navigation flow and loading speed. If you need to zoom in and scroll left or right to read all the content than that is definitely not Mobile Friendly or Responsive. And after reading this, you are still waiting for you website to load……well, enough said.

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still test your sites responsiveness using a desktop computer. All you have to do is minimize your screen tab and adjust the sizing to the typical mobile screen. If your text and pictures automatically adjust to the changing screen size, you’re in luck. But if not, then this is a prime example to what you are presenting to the majority of your potential customers. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself “Would I visit this store or buy from this business?” Your answer will speak for itself.

Having A Responsive And Mobile Friendly Business Website Is Affordable

Is Changing My Website To Being Mobile Friendly Worth It And Affordable?

Cost is always the sticking point for many business owners. I think somewhere along the line the cost to put your business online has been extremely exaggerated and inflated. I’ll agree, it’s not cheap but in comparison to all other forms of advertising that you’ve probably tried in the past and maybe still doing, having a website built or renovated to be Mobile Friendly is definitely affordable.

As a business owner myself, I don’t even look at it as an expense anymore, but rather an extension of my business altogether. Just look at what happened with Domino’s when they launched their Mobile Ordering Application the Pizza Chef & Pizza Tracker. If you don’t know the whole story, I’m sure you can recall they had a major consumer image problem back in the early 2000’s dropping their share prices to just $3.00. Thankfully they had a few digitally aware members on the board who knew where the future was headed. And was able to steer the company in investing heavily in technology and customer research. To say they have done well is an understatement. Today, three-quarters of their pizza orders are done via their mobile ordering system and their shares prices have more than tripled on the ASX.

So to answer the first question, yes, changing to a Mobile Friendly Business Website is worth it. Keeping your customers happy, informed and occupied with a user-friendly website can change the entirety of your businesses future for the better. But at what cost? Get in touch with Focused Web Designs to find out.

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Why You Need A Mobile Friendly Business Website

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